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Fall TV Schedule

I'm thinking that I should look around for a site that lists the fall TV schedule (with the date of the first show) so that I can get my TiVo set up. Does such a site exist?

A few new shows interested me, from the promos, and I'll keep recording a few classics. I'll supply my full list later, but for now, I'm just gonna look for the whole list. We'll see…

Update: This grid or that grid will work just fine.

3 Responses to "Fall TV Schedule"

  1. Wait, West Wing is now on Sundays?

  2. Monday, UPN and WB are showing programs called "One on One," "All of Us," "Girlfriends," and "Just Legal." I'm fairly certain they are not pornos… 😛

  3. Here's what I'll be watching this fall (below). I haven't factored in any additions by the wife, and I used the first of the two listings grids I found for this entry to complete my list. The totals: Comedies 5...