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MovableType Throttling My Own TrackBacks?

I'm trying to send TrackBacks from one entry on this blog to another entry, but I can't seem to escape this:

Ping '' failed: HTTP error: 403 Throttled

What gives? I'm not TrackBack spamming myself, and SpamLookup has no "throttling" capabilities. Where is this "throttling" coming from and how the heck can I eliminate it.

If I wait an hour, the TrackBacks typically go through, but I've got to remember to re-publish in order to do that. I'd rather they go through right away, but I've no idea what the issue is.

P.S. Somewhat unrelated, but noticed as I was checking my settings for any "throttling" things: my version of MovableType, listed and downloaded as the final version of "3.2," still has this in its New Entry Defaults: "If you turn on auto-discovery, when you write a new post, any external links will be extracted and the appropriate sites automatically sent TrackBacks. FIXME: Some stuff about internal vs. external"

4 Responses to "MovableType Throttling My Own TrackBacks?"

  1. That could be your hosting provider's web server implementing "mod_throttle" - an Apache module, for exactly that. Throttling.

  2. MovableType's internal TrackBacks are still being throttled. I have no idea why. "mod_throttle" is not installed, so far as I know, and I'm fairly certain that mod_throttle would not have a mandatory waiting period of at least an hour or...

  3. I don't have any new information to add to the topic I've previously mentioned here and here, but I've not yet found a solution. This blog is hosted under a virtual private account with Interland, but the problems only really...

  4. Trackback problem

    If you send me a trackback and I don’t appear to accept it, it’s not that I don’t love you. Something is messed up on my server and it’s refusing all trackback pings, even my own: Ping '