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My Fall TV Picks

Here's what I'll be watching this fall (below). I haven't factored in any additions by the wife, and I used the first of the two listings grids I found for this entry to complete my list.

The totals:

Comedies         5
Dramas           5
Reality          5
Hours           14.5

Since I can watch 14.5 hours of television in about ten hours, I figure I'm pretty well full.

    8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
Sun   West Wing (NBC) Desperate Housewives (ABC) Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
Mon     Las Vegas (NBC) CSI:Miami (CBS)
Tue     Amazing Race (CBS)
  The Office (NBC)
  The Big Break (TGC)
Wed   Apprentice Martha (NBC) Head Cases (FOX)
Thu   Survivor (CBS) CSI (CBS)
  The O.C. (FOX) Apprentice (NBC)
Fri     Numb3rs (CBS)
Notes: "Scrubs" doesn't return until 2006. The only cancelled shows that I watched were "8 Simple Rules" and "Joan of Arcadia." The Golf Channel airs so many Big Breaks that I may let "The Office" record and catch "Big Break" at another time (usually about two hours later that same night).

3 Responses to "My Fall TV Picks"

  1. The lack of "Lost" on your schedule angers the Island. The Island demands a sacrifice, Erik.

    Perhaps it will show you mercy though, as you correctly chose The O.C.

  2. How do you make the time for all of that TV watching? You've got golfing, being a successful programmer/businessman, marital duties, blogging, parenting, and more, right? I guess 10 hours a week isn't that crazy, but it sure seems like a lot.

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