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QotD: College Football

Question: Do you watch college football?

My Answer: I couldn't care less about college football. Not one lick.

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5 Responses to "QotD: College Football"

  1. I graduated from UF in 2004, so I've spent a lot of the last five years being interested in college football, but I think that my interest will wane as I start to know fewer and fewer of the players.

  2. Yeah I do but only because my friend does and i like to pretend I know something.. lol

  3. If I went to a school where they actually had a football team, I would. College football rules over pro ball.

  4. Absolutely. College Ball is the best. It helps to have gone to a decent school with a football history, and have a wife who is obsessed about it. And it makes you much more knowledgable about the upcoming players in Pro Ball. I've grown to like Pro Ball more and more throughout the years, but mostly because I'm following the players that I know about from college.

  5. Right on Steve. College football is much more fun to watch.