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QotD: Penguins (and Hockey) are Back

pittsburgh_penguings.jpgQuestion: Will you be watching hockey?

My Answer: I keep forgetting that Michael is a Penguins fan. In the post linked to just prior, he lists several reasons why he's excited about the upcoming hockey season, including:

  • No hockey last year.
  • Mario is playing. Those of us who know better know Mario has more skill in his left pinkie finger than even Wayne Gretzky has in his whole left, uhh, thumb. 🙂
  • Sidney Crosby. Say no more.
  • The Pens Power Play (see the previous two bullet items).
  • New rules… We'll see how they pan out. I like the two-line pass relaxation and the smaller goalie pads. Contrary to what many think, this should place an increased emphasis on defense while at the same time allowing skilled forwards to get more opportunities to play their style of hockey.
  • etc.

I'll be watching. Will you?

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6 Responses to "QotD: Penguins (and Hockey) are Back"

  1. Oh, I'll be watching for sure. I can't wait.

    Although I imagine the Penguins are still going to suck. 😛

    But then again, The Leafs are probably going to suck this year too.

  2. I'm driving 7 hours to see a Predators game the first weekend. Woohoo.

  3. I'll watch as much as I am able to here in Sweden... 😉

    I hope the Bruins will get their act together and sign Raycroft/Boynton. On the other hand, those two players should realize the new circumstances the payroll limit causes.

    Well, go Bruins, anyway. 🙂

  4. Yeah i'll be watching.. go Wings!

  5. I'm a total hockey fan... and was watching last year, I went to 3/4th of the games last year (we have to minor league teams in town) and most of the college games at the 'Joe'. However, the new NHL rules are not something that will keep me interested. I think they are going at it the wrong way [1]... I might see a game or two other than that thank you but no thanks.

    [1] larger ice surface for one & actually inforce obstruction

  6. It was a long cold winter last year - even here in Florida. I can't wait for hockey ... just hoping I get more Canucks action (tough being about as far away as you can get in N. America). Rule changes, player shuffle ... this is going to be a great year!