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QotD: iMovie Store

Question: Do you think that the iMovie Store (or iTunes Movie Store) is coming?

My Answer: I do, but not until mid- to late 2006, though. And, truthfully, I hope that iTunes is not forced into service as the client app, because that'd suck donkey balls.

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6 Responses to "QotD: iMovie Store"

  1. I'm sure iTunes would be the client app. I doubt they would have two apps for Mac and Windows and then have both of them launch to sync with a possible video iPod.

  2. There may be an iTunes theme or mode that seems more suitable to the task, and iTunes music store is already serving video content. I wonder what it could look more like, the quicktime movie trailer page? iMovie or iPhoto? I recall times Quicktime has been given a 'channel' interface, and I have hated that.

    It may suck donkey balls, but iTunes already has the largest preinstallation (save for quicktime perhaps).

  3. It's definately not out of the picture. Ba-dum..ching

    I would prefer a different name for the service, and I think taht Apple will come up with a different (though perhaps not better) name and use a wholly seperate client app for the service -- if this happens.

    Since music files flow through iTunes I would expect movie files to flow through any number of things but iMovies, because that would be analogous to iMusic, which iTunes is not. I am thinking something along the lines of iFilm (taken) iPix (probably also taken) iClips, iReel(s), iFlicks, iCinema, etc.

  4. i was just thinking about how iFlicks (the iTunes sister app to handle movies) would be cool. Pretty similar interface, but, obviously, for movies.

    The problems is that i bet they start with music videos, and then iTunes would probably handle that, which means iTunes would handle movies. lame.

  5. i'm not so sure it's that far out. they've got to beat netflix to the punch, or they may have to buy them. apple doesn't like buying companies, so they'll probably try to beat them to the punch.

  6. Apple didn't beat other online music stores to the punch, and I think iTunes has been at least mildly successful.