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Sun’s Rejected Server Ads

Okay, so more than one giant computer company has a sense of humor. Sun shows us some of their rejected ads and Microsoft foists Office 12 with brushed metal and Aqua-like components on Windows users. The difference? Sun is laughing with their customers, while Microsoft is seemingly laughing at them.

One Response to "Sun’s Rejected Server Ads"

  1. I'm a recent Mac convert (15 months now) with 20 years of previous PC experience. Not only that but I was (and I guess I still am in some ways) pretty close to the development of Microsoft products. I converted cold turkey. It was that easy. So, I get the anti-MS feeling in some ways but not so extreme as some folks. Like Ajax. Such a big deal around the net these days-- thank Microsoft for that. =) But then when I see Vista.. ugh... what are those folks thinking? The interface is a nightmare! Check out the latest Office 12 screens floating around. Where are the menu bars? MacSlash has a commentary up that matches many of the thoughts I had yesterday while viewing the screens.