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Is This Progress?

Upper Peach Street is, for all intents and purposes, the consumer-centric portion of Erie. It has "the mall" and "the movies" and "the restaurants" and it's everyone's destination on Friday nights. (Of course, this is Erie, so everyone is gone by 10pm or so.)

An area south of "the mall" (Millcreek Mall) has been, for several years, the last undeveloped portion of land on the two-mile stretch that is upper Peach Street. I say it "has been" because it no longer is - for the past few months, the trees have been bulldozed and the land has been reshaped into something suitable for more commerce.

I live just over a mile from the construction site (and "the mall"), and I still have no idea what's going in there. More restaurants? We have plenty. More stores? Ditto - we have them all already, don't we? An awesome golf practice facility? I'm not that lucky. Regardless of what bastion of commerce the almighty dollar decides to plunk down where trees and long grasses once grew, many folks in Erie already feel as though we've got enough of whatever stores may find their way into this region.

Someone spray-painted one of the construction trailers a week or two ago with the question "Is This Progress?" I noticed it because of the spray painter's poor planning - the "ress" is squished in at the end, as whomever wielded the can did not realize that "Is This Prog" took up as much room as it did.

My answer, for the record, is a definitive no. Unless, of course, it's going to be an awesome golf practice facility.

One Response to "Is This Progress?"

  1. I think the only thing you can't buy on Upper Peach St. is economy packs of pornography, so I'm guessing this new development is a porn super store.