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QotD: 125

Question: Without looking, what would you guess the 125th best player on the PGA Tour earned last year (125th on the money list)?

My Answer: I know the answer. I'm curious how close the average, non-golf fan comes to guessing correctly.

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7 Responses to "QotD: 125"

  1. $487,493?

  2. 100 k? I'm sure that I'm way off. This is one of those trick questions where it'll be much more than I'd expect. If I do happen to win, what do I get? 🙂

  3. $250,00.

    Enough to afford to make it to the events and still support a spouse and kids at home. Of course, if people this low on the money list are actually sponsored, the income from "winnings" could be much less.

  4. a lot of money? no, really i think around 250,000

  5. I cheated, but I believe this is the answer:
    Tjaart Van der Walt

  6. Too bad you can't edit comments. Mr Van der Walt is 125th this year; you asked for last. And you said don't look, so my bad. Like the bathroom though.

  7. Not a golf fan at all. Never played either (for all the same reasons I never smoked pot.)

    My guess... about a half million.

    I should be closer than I feel that I am though, because I did have two roommates that were amazing amatuers / collegiate golfers during the last five years.