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Remodeled Master Bath

Carey and I did a little "remodeling" in the master bathroom this past weekend. After several (several) weeks of delays, and after using another bedroom as a bit of a dry run (we painted it green about a month ago), we finally got around to redoing our master bathroom in a "honey wheat" color.

The list of changes is quite small, but it had a fairly dramatic effect:

  • Walls are now no longer wallpaperered (we took that down a month ago) and no longer white. Instead, they're "honey wheat." All except the ceiling, that is.
  • We replaced my black marble and clear lucite towel rack with an 18" silver one and installed a 24" silver towel rack for Carey and a silver hand towel loop (for anyone).
  • We replaced the eight handles on our cabinets with "aged" black handles. They match the dark grey grouting in the floor nicely.
  • We removed the old shower head and installed an 8" rain shower head (it drips for a minute after you turn it off, but seems to work quite nicely).
  • We bought (a month ago) and finally hung two pictures. An additional semi-Japanese complementary picture was purchased and hung today as well.
  • Some fake plants were purchased and placed on the ledge behind the two sinks.

Total Cost: around $300. Most of that was the new shower head and fixtures. The two pictures were about $39.99 apiece (from Target). We'll be returning some architectural pictures we thought might work, but intead blended in far too well.

Before on the left. Some of the differences may be hard to see in these small pictures (also shot in different lighting conditions), but I promise you the change is dramatic.



5 Responses to "Remodeled Master Bath"

  1. Incidentally, one of my 512 MB cards is acting flaky. I had a lot of pictures, but several were lost and the card requires formatting far too frequently. "Err 02" appears on my Digital Rebel XT frequently and "Err CF" is often not far behind. Sometimes formatting the card hangs. Grrrr… I treat CF cards like royalty, but this one seems to have died. It's a Lexar, and it's a few months old, so perhaps there's a warranty…

  2. Very nice work. The pictures are great touch and the color is a fantastic choice.

  3. My fiancee would love to have a bathtub like that one. Very nice. 🙂

  4. Could be the lighting, but the changes make the bathroom look deeper and warmer to me. Good job on getting it all done though. I bet it feels great.

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