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Steelers 27, Texans 7

steelershelmet.jpgThe Steelers played arguably the worst team in the NFL (the Bengals and the Cardinals can breathe a sigh of relief, as can the 49ers) today: the Houston Texans. Every time David Carr looks like he's about to break through, he gets slammed on his back. Something like 151 sacks in 45 games. The Steelers added 8 to that total today.

But the defense didn't play well. They were susceptible to the run (113 yards) and to the soft pass underneath. Nothing long and some good stuffs and hits (as well as coughing up a fumble) - but 113 yards against a team with no O-Line and a nameless back or two? Not so spiffy.

Ben, despite talk that he may sit the game out due to a bum right knee, was 14/21 for 254 yards, two TDs, and no picks. David Carr completed two more passes but managed only 167 yards. Willie Parker, our third-string running back, managed 111 yards and Verron Haynes added 24. Hines Ward chipped in with 6 catches for 84 yards and two TDs, while Cedric Wilson and Antwaan Randle El each caught some dandies, totaling 2 and 3 catches for 76 and 75 yards, respectively.

Steeler tight ends caught one pass for four yards. Even Dan Kreider managed three more than that, going 1 for 7. Pathetic.

Perhaps the dumbest thing about today's game was the announcer's insistence that Bill Cowher loves to step on your throat when he has you down and to beat you as badly as he can. Ha ha ha ha!!! Are they talking about the Bill Cowher that coaches the Pittsburgh Steelers? The one that last called a pass in last week's blowout with over twelve minutes remaining in the third quarter? Bill "Turtle" Cowher? Don't get me started…

Ha ha, the Patriots lost. The Steelers have now won something like 16 consecutive regular-season games. The longest streak is of course the Patriots' at 20, which was stopped last year by the Steelers. So, it'll be interesting to see if the Black & Gold can top 20.

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  1. Payback, Karma and Football

    Ha ha, the Steelers lost. The Steelers had won something like 16 consecutive regular-season games. Looks like the Black & Gold won’t be breaking the 20 game streak by the Patriots’, which was stopped last year by the Steelers....