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God Punished Us for Bush

Someone called in today to a radio show I was listening to and said, and I quote:

I think that the whole thing in New Orleans, all the death and destruction, that's God's way of getting us back for causing all that death and destruction over in Iraq and Afghanistan. If Georgie Dubya were as religious as he says he is, he should know that God is not gonna let you be an [beep] without some severe payback.

Uh… yeah, that's it.

2 Responses to "God Punished Us for Bush"

  1. God punished us for selecting Bush by letting us have him. No more. No less. He's fair like that.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how people can take the myopia they have on the issue of their candidate having lost the election, and then fit everything that happens in the world into an architecture where that which they hate must surely be responsible.

    As a libertarian, I'm used to my candidates losing. I know full well that a category 5 hurricane wasn't "sent by God" to "punish Bush", nor, ironically, to "punish" the predominantly Democratic poor urban New Orleans.

    Sometimes I think people should have to pass a basic IQ test before they're allowed to exercise their freedom of speech. Then I remember that pretty much defeats the whole idea of "freedom of speech". Let the morons make themselves known by allowing them to speak.