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Douche of the Day: Rob Enderle

Could this guy write worse crap than this article? This has to be one of the dumbest, "wrongest," and "patheticist" articles I've ever read. Heck, Rob's only competition is his wife, largely for this review of the iMac G5.

14 Responses to "Douche of the Day: Rob Enderle"

  1. "I'm going nuts baby!"

  2. At first I thought, "Eric you're being too harsh. This is just computers. There's no need to call someone a douche." Then I started reading the article…


    Sweet merciful crap, he thinks its a good idea to strap a PDA onto the lid of laptop, instead of… using the laptop? He think IE7 beta is in the same class as Firefox, et al? (Hint: Use the > CSS selection in IE7.) He's really excited about "pre-fetching?" I already have pre-fetching for frequently used apps: it's called "I never close apps that I use frequently." (20 apps open right now.)

    The level of ignorance…





    This man is truly The Douche of the Day.

  3. Very keen to talk up Vista and Office 12, isn't he? All this positive comment for MS (even if little of it is true) for free!

    "Microsoft has ... made vast improvements in ... security and quality ...""The MS platform has changed dramatically as well, however ... Apple, on the other hand, hasn't advanced nearly as much.""Glass is the user interface enhancement that appears to improve on what Apple currently has with Tiger.""Apple ... have about 12 months to prepare for the threat [of Vista].""IE improvements are broad and easily eclipse those by Firefox and Netscape.""For Office 12 ... massive UI enhancement.""... the most damaging competitive threat [Apple] has ever faced."

    Not related to Paul Thurrott is he?

  4. He may be a douche, and I have heard his articles referenced lately (also tying into his wifes misguided g5 review), but I don't disagree 100 percent with how I have heard those articles referenced, in regards to complacency of MacFaithful (including Apple) in the face of the coming marketing onslaught of the Vista roll out. Also, in the same vein, Symantecs scare tactics regarding Viruses on the Mac (please buy our AntiVirus)

    Perhaps Apple really had ought to buckle itself for a fight. Marketing along for Vista will totally drown any peep from Apple, regardless of how crappy Vista is. And MacUsers are complacent about security, despite how Unixy goodness protects us, we are as keen at downloading trojans as the next guy.

    Pride comes before the fall.

  5. Don't link to him. It will only encourage him to write more. Those people know writing anti-Mac dribble will get them lots of hits so they keep doing it. If we don't read his crap maybe they'd stop publishing it.

  6. Wow, those are some pretty misinformed articles.

  7. Bud, what makes you - or anyone else - think that Apple is not preparing for a fight? C'mon… you're making assumptions and guesses.

  8. Spend too much time talking about your competition and the public will start to think maybe the competition is worth looking at.

    This kind of hatchet work will hurt Windows in the long term.

  9. He seems to think that 2GB RAM and PreFetch is the coolest thing around. Of course, that's something you start to need when you use applications that shut down every time you close the last open window. And "cheap" is a relative term; an extra GB of RAM is going to set you back a bit. I run 1GB and just never close the applications I use frequently. That and I never shut down - I just put the machine to sleep. Just like the "innovative" new "instant on".

  10. I hadn't heard of Rob Enderle before, and so I had a look round on the web. I found a most detailed critique of an SCO speech of his by a very capable writer. It lays the man's basic dishonesty open to view in such detail by simply analysing what he says that it doesn't leave him with a shred of credibility.

    As the writer points out, he is quite happy to make statements that one would think he must know to be false. So either his technical expertise is in question, or his honesty is. Either way, no one, after reading the article I link to above, and knowing what he is capabale of saying, could take anything he says at face value.

  11. Dissing on his wife is hitting a little below the belt...

  12. hahahahah another apple doom story. how lame. what is this, 1996?

  13. and Emily: i've met his wife. she's a bitch.


  14. There's a reason Your Mac Life has the ""Enderle" award...