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QotD: Emptying the Trash

Question: Do you have the "warn me when emptying the trash" warning turned on or off?

My Answer: Off. And I almost always use the keyboard shortcut. I put stuff in the trash only when I intend to erase it, so I usually just hit cmd-delete, shift-cmd-delete, and voilà! The files are gone. The one or two times I've ever accidentally deleted something, I retrieved it from my nightly backup.

Question inspired by Mike's Trash Bugs.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Emptying the Trash"

  1. I try to eschew the sentimental value of data by never doing nightly backups. If something I want deleted is in the trash, it's there because I know, full-well, that I don't need it anymore. Then again, more oft than not, I use 'rm' to kill stuff I don't want.

    So I have it turned off.

  2. I have the warning turned off. But I think emptying the Trash immediately is a bad habit—backup or not. Some seven years ago I accidently deleted a very important file in a similar manner (Shift-Del on Windows). I had a backup on tape, but it took an hour and a half to find and restore that file and then two more hours to update the content of the file. Since then I like giving my files a second chance.

    Like mns, I also use 'rm -rf' a lot, but that's a different story...