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I don't know if I'd call this funny.

Did the guy's head hit the rear of the truck? Near that latch? Sure looks like blood. If so, definitely not funny.

9 Responses to "Phun?"

  1. WTF, and is that an arm in the backseat?

    Anyway, what'd you expect from something that claims to be an adult entertainment portal?

  2. Yup. Looks to be an arm. This is the kind of thing I'd expect to see on… trying to think of the name of the site… the one with all the pictures of dead people and whatnot… I could swear the name started with an "a" but my mind is blanking. I remember seeing a picture of a guy who basically had very little left of his face after a motorcycle accident. I can't remember. It'll come to me when I'm away from the computer, no doubt.

    To the person who sent this URL to me without warning, well, you go on my poo list.

  3. I think you are refering to, or possibly

  4. Rotten is right, yep.

  5. ouch! thats the most non funny thing ive ever seen... who finds that funny?

  6. Certainly, not funny. But I'd better a dollar to donuts that the guy in the former vette sped himself right smack into the back of the truck. Kinda doubt the truck was backing into the vette. Because guys driving Corvettes *always* drive the speed limit and follow the rules, didn-ja know? I'm just saying...

  7. No sympathy for tailgaters. Sorry.
    I agree with Damien that the red sports car had probably not seen anything beyond the backdoors of a semi for at least a mile before this happened.

  8. funny how everyone automatically assumes the driver of this sports car is a guy.

  9. Susan, the arm you can see in the picture is pretty darn hairy. It's a guy.