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Patriots 23, Steelers 20

steelershelmet.jpgThe Steelers proved once again that they are a bunch of dunderheads, easily winning the takeover battle (something like 4 to 1) but losing the game, 23-20. A false start on a field goal (the first went through, the second missed) was one of the more forgivable problems.

The underneath coverage continued to suck, allowing the Patsies to throw 8-yard pass after 8-yard pass. The run game was thwarted early yet Ben and the Steelers refused (thanks, Whisenhunt) to go after a rag-tag secondary that saw two injuries during the game. Joey Porter got no pressure off the left-side on a rookie lineman after the starter was also injured.

The Steelers once again played an entire game completing less than four passes to their running backs and tight ends. Heath Miller is a first-round draft pick and he'll likely catch 10 balls all year. Willie Parker is a speedy mofo, but aside from an occasional screen, he sees no passes. NFL teams with half the talent at running back and tight end get more mileage out of these two positions than the Steelers.

Here's to hoping this game helps the Steelers (coaches) pull their heads out of their asses.

5 Responses to "Patriots 23, Steelers 20"

  1. While I was rooting for the Steelers, I have to admit I was happy with that missed field goal - the guy I was up against in fantasy football had Jeff Reed. That and some help from the Chargers (he had Giants D) got me the win.

    Now, would you perhaps be referring to the friendly cross-state team with that "throwing to the RB/TE" comment? Because I would agree that the Eagles use Westbrook and LJ Smith quite well, but I wouldn't be so sure about saying they have half the talent :-). That said, I do have both LJ Smith AND Heath Miller on my fantasy team.

  2. I was referring to several other teams in the NFL with worse RBs and TEs that still manage to get 200-500% more out of them than the Steelers who have some pretty darn good TEs and RBs.

  3. As a Cleveland native, I am required by law to hate the Steelers. I was watching this game, and both teams did a really good job on managing the score, but the Steelers just didn't have the defense they needed to take the game.

  4. Thought that you might be interested in this.

  5. Jason, the same article and information is also here (52 seconds added to the clock), and I can say without a doubt that the Steelers should have still won the game. The Pats ran two plays at the end of the game to take about a minute OFF the clock, so they would have still won.