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QotD: One Universal Trait

Question: If you could supply everyone in the world with one personality or character trait, what would it be and why?

My Answer: Honesty. Not 100% honesty, or surprise parties and things like that would be awfully difficult to pull off. So too would certain government (military) operations and things of that nature. So personal honesty - friends being honest with each other, the absence of white lies and flowery, polite banter (only to rip someone to shreds later on behind their back) - is more what I mean here.

Of course, with this trait comes the requirement that everyone handle the honesty better than they do now. In fact, given that the reason people aren't always honest is because people don't handle it well, perhaps the real trait I'd inject into everyone is the ability to better handle honesty. 😀

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6 Responses to "QotD: One Universal Trait"

  1. id give everyone listening skills because must arguements are caused because people misunderstand something if people would listen to what other people have to say instead of forming their own arguement while the other is talking problems would be solved faster... its just my opinion.... dont tear it to shreds...

  2. Honor. everyone would be better off if all people were concerned with whether or not what they were doing was honorable.

    or perhaps integrity. or character. something along those lines. People being concerned about their actions even if being caught is impossible.

  3. woah, that would be rad if you actually had "" as an email address!

  4. Respect. aka Tolerance.

    Though Humor would be a great thing for everybody to have a little more of.

  5. Foresight

    If everyone were given enough of this they could understand why it is important to be honest in their personal engagements, honorable in their actions, and tolerant in their treatment of others... and then act those things out.

  6. Empathy. I'm constantly stunned by some people's ability to just completely ignore when someone right in front of them is suffering.