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Clever name, that unlockupd. I've installed it, and I'm just blogging it here so I know that I've done it and can remove it when Apple fixes the issue.

Removal, is rather simple:

killall unlockupd
rm -rf /usr/local/bin/unlockupd
rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/Unlockupd
rm -rf /Library/Receipts/unlockupd.pkg

I don't imagine this will fix much on my system - it's been pretty clean - but it's worth a shot. I have had some mysterious Internet-related failures at times.

3 Responses to "Unlockupd"

  1. Under Panther I had lookupd die all the time .. which meant I got to reboot. When the Tiger developer seeds first came out, I started running Tiger all the time just to avoid the lookupd problems I had with Panther.

    Under Tiger I haven't had any lookupd problems, but a friend of mine can't log in to our lab machines here w/o lookup locking up within five or six minutes. It's odd, as none of the other hundred or so people have had any problems. (I'm going to put unlockupd on the lab machines this week to see if it fixes it for him.)

  2. I just came across unlockupd and have installed it on a lab of ~40 Macs which are suffering problems at login/logout time - user information caching is also handled by lookupd. I shall see what happens...

  3. leeg, you might find the login/logout problem is related to font caches. I had a similar sounding problem on a small network of G5 iMacs back in mid-2005. Main symptom was hang on login after the login window disappears, with only the desktop background showing (can't recall if the menubar made it up there?)

    After lots of searching around, I experimented with a logout hook (I don't think it was login hook?) that cleared everything from /Library/Caches/, then killed ATSServer (IIRC, it gets restarted automatically).

    All worked fine after that, and it also fixed the MS Word corrupt fonts problem. (No doubt clearing out the caches slows something at some point, but it's a price worth paying).