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QotD: New TV Shows

Question: Which new TV shows do you like this year?

My Answer: My Name is Earl looked like it had potential (I like Jason Lee), but it's got one more episode or I'm deleting it from my Season Pass. Martha Apprentice is bad, and Carey can watch that one by herself if it doesn't get better. And, actually, those are really the only new TV shows I've watched this year. So, "none" is my answer.

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2 Responses to "QotD: New TV Shows"

  1. I enjoy My Name Is Earl enough to keep watching it. Ghost Whisperer is kinda neat, but I'm not sure if I'll continue watching -- it's one of those shows I don't mind watching when it's on, but I don't actively plan in advance to watch. Mostly, I just enjoy season 2 of NUMB3RS and Lost.

  2. Prison Break. It's a "fun" show like Fastlane used to be where you can just sit there for 60 minutes and be entertained: no mythology to follow, a really far (but fun) fetched plot, and lots of stereotypical innuendo about what happens in prisons. 🙂