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QotD: Large Automobiles

Question: What's the largest object you've ever driven?

My Answer: Just a conversion van. I've never driven a bus, a boat longer than 24 feet (I guess that's bigger than a conversion van, eh?), an airplane, etc.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Large Automobiles"

  1. I think the largest vehicle I've ever driven was U-Haul's largest moving van. I forget how many feet long that thing was now, but I remember it being really big. I ordered the smallest one, but they didn't have any left so they exercised their reserved right to substitute something equal or greater.

  2. A 24' Penske Rental truck.

  3. You drove the moving truck! 🙂

  4. Oh yeah. Not very far, though. Just around the back of the apartment. Oh, and to drop it off again. How big was that? 24'?

  5. A bus. Lots of people, lots of seats.

  6. An Airbus A320 for about 0.3 hrs. Otherwise, a Cessna 414 for 0.5 hrs.
    The Airbus seats many, the Cessna only 9.

  7. I had a job where we drove lots of these (40 feet, 18 tons, $250,000).