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QotD: iTunes Positioning

Question: Where is your iTunes Window? What size is it typically?

My Answer: Top right and "medium" sized. It's collapsed to the smaller size, but it's also as wide as it can get.

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4 Responses to "QotD: iTunes Positioning"

  1. Bottom left, minimized to the smallest size that still shows artist/album/title

  2. Bottom right and smallest size, or maximized and taking up all but the dock depending on mood and how much I feel like using F9 / mouse squeeze to use exposé.

  3. Maximized (all minus dock) or minimized and controlled through Synergy. With Synergy notifications.

  4. Takes up most of the screen. Since I don't get to use my Mac for work, I'm not as anal about window placement and setup as I would otherwise be, and I tend to just leave windows wherever they open at whatever size they are when they open unless they're too small. When I want to use it, I just alt-tab over or use the dock/expose, unless I just want to skip a track in which case I use the (crummy, IMHO) iTunes widget that came with Tiger.