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QotD: iTMS… with a new ‘M’

Question: Will the 'M' in 'iTMS' mean "Movies" as of October 12, 2005?

My Answer: Everyone seems to think so, and that's about all I can say on that without getting into trouble. 😉

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5 Responses to "QotD: iTMS… with a new ‘M’"

  1. *cue foreshadowing theme*

    My answer: Undecided - I'm happy as long as a new regular iPod comes out.

  2. I think I'm undecided at this point as well. Signs point to yes, but it could be misdirection ("Hey look! A rabbit!"). If it is true wouldn't iTunes be a silly name? iTMS, iTunes Media Store? *shrug* I'm just going to wait and see like the average joe I am.

  3. the question is, do they wrap in video into iTunes so the app deals with both? It's a little awkward how it currently deals with downloaded videos (like video podcasts, etc.). So is the weird way camera videos get dealt with in iPhoto... Though I would prefer thumbnail and/or media cover (a la delicious monster) listings.

    Separate iApp? Does it handle your own videos (heck, or even iMovie projects) as well as purchased/downloaded videos?

    I don't know if they have everything worked out from the relationships with the media companies to the store interface to the bandwidth needs (Apple does private bittorrent? iAzureus?) to the application to the storage needs for everybody. Maybe using H.264 to deliver

  4. doh, used a < unescaped...

    ... using H.264 to deliver < 1GB for 2 hours. If they have it all worked out, I'll certainly use it.

  5. You seem to have some info about the eyePod. I mean, how ese could you get into trouble for saying something?

    And this may sound a little too impossible, but what if Apple is misleading the "rumor mill" to make it think the "One more thing" is about iPod, while it really is about something totally and completely new like a tablet Mac or a PDA? How cool would that be?
    I know, I'm a dreamer.