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Despite David's Holy Assholy-ness, Inquisitor is pretty nifty. And, for now, that's about all I have to say about that.

8 Responses to "Inquisitor"

  1. The web page edition isn't all that bad either.

  2. Is the assholy thing serious or some insider joke?

  3. No he's been known to be an uptite asshole, either way who cares he's a great developer.

  4. Yeah, John, a quick perusal of, say, MacUpdate will tell you that.

    Chris, I'm sure his customers care that he's an "uptite [sic] asshole."

  5. Well, does it work well? (I refuse to download something so cryptically promoted).

    I can't imagine it working well on a low bandwidth situation. Even Sherlock once was a bright star, given high bandwidth, and with the various search engines making the content freely and quickly available. It didn't take long for it to become munged up. Watson worked well by working around the obstacles (server AND client) that broke Sherlock, but it required a lot of maintenance. Spotlight for the Web? Is there a real quality and speed boost using it?

  6. Erik, I bought a copy of NewsFire so I'm one of his customers and it doesn't bother me how he acts, he's been nothing but perfect with me.

  7. Chris, thank you for your blatant display of "missing the point." His customers obviously do care, as several of them have bitched publicly on MacUpdate. Just because one customer - you - doesn't care doesn't negate "his customers do care."

  8. One thing about Inquisitor is that it utterly fails to work if you have Japanese input mode turned on. I do find it a bit weird that though this has been reported, any references to bugs or even suggestions for improvements have been deleted from his development blog, even on posts soliciting feedback on the beta. Meanwhile, posts praising certain features or providing positive feedback seem to be left up.

    His blog, but personally I'd either not solicit development feedback on the blog (and provide a feedback link in the software and on the software's site) or accept any feedback, positive or negative, so long as it was useful/correct. Really I think it's this sort of attitude/shadiness that a lot of people are complaining about.