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QotD: Dyed Hair

Question: Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what color(s)? Did you like it? Is your hair dyed now?

My Answer: No, n/a, n/a/, no. 🙂

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5 Responses to "QotD: Dyed Hair"

  1. Yes. Black, blue, red, green, purple, and black again. For the most part as I kept doing it over the last 13 years or so. I'm growing out the last of a jet black dye job right now. I'm probably going to lay off the dye for a while, I find I go in waves, I'll do it for six months to a year and then not do it for a while. The "for a while" getting longer and longer as I get older.

  2. I dyed my hair bright red twice - each time I ran the London Marathon. It matched the charity I was running for, made it a lot easier for friends and family to spot me, and looked really funky.

    My hair is black, so It had to be bleached to platinum blonde before going red. It was a permanent colour, but red doesn't last. The first time it faded to ginger, the second time it just washed out and left me blonde.

    As I'm Indian, it was a very striking look.

  3. I dye my hair every six months or so with the last time being last Friday. I've had it orange (yes orange in an attempt to make my very dark hair blonde for a guy), black, brown and since then had blonde highlights and every six months or so put some form of red into it.

  4. Oh yes. I like to have my hair dyed in a sharp red color. I usually call it "assault red."

  5. Tried bleaching it once in college when I was 19 (tried a lot of things when I was 19, it seems). Burned my scalp and made me look like a dorf, until the darker roots came in and then it actually looked pretty cool. Ah, the mid-90's....