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QotD: CC Disputes

Question: Have you ever had to dispute a charge on a credit card? What was the outcome?

My Answer: I have. Despite submitting proof, they charged it right back to me. So now I have to dispute the dispute, or something…

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2 Responses to "QotD: CC Disputes"

  1. Yes,
    Many times. I have an american express card. Quite simply, I just push a few buttons on their webpage to dispute a chare and it gets immeditaly removed from my bill and I do not pay for it. The burden of proof on disputed charges is on the merchant, not on the consumer. Basically, until such time as the merchant proves that I intended to purchase the item and I am totally satisfied I do not pay.
    Go ditch your current card and get an american express card.

  2. Yes. But only once. There was this DSL service that was next to impossible to cancel. Part of them getting the message was issuing charge-backs against their monthly billing.