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iTunes Video NRFPT

Is iTunes' "video stuff" not ready for prime time yet? I can't get any of the Desperate Housewives videos to preview at all, and just now, the Apple web server gave me "Server Error - The following error occurred: [code=CANT_CONNECT] Could not connect because of networking problems. Contact your system administrator" when I was trying to load up the Pixar movies listed at

Rush job to get it done by the 12th?

3 Responses to "iTunes Video NRFPT"

  1. I think you need QT 7.0.3 for the videos. I did anyway, and it's only just come through on Software Update.

  2. I have QT 7.0.3. After dinner, things seem to be going more smoothly. Music videos (Madonna's) load, the Pixar previews work, and so forth. But I still can't get the TV shows to work… again, maybe another day or two and they'll be smooth, but for now, operation is pretty spotty.

  3. I suppose you don't have a new iPod yet though. Are they still stuck at lower resolution when downloaded via the store? (They may scale up okay). I', wondering how they might

    The weird bit I think is.... I am fairly sure I may already have downloaded some of the Pixar Shorts, from Apple or Pixar, perhaps at even better resolution, albeit larger, having been downloaded before QT 7. Would I PAY to have them with a new codec? Will a lot of formerly free content now be pay for play? Will the store still have trailers, at no cost?