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QotD: The News

Question: Do you watch the news?

My Answer: Not really, no. As Kasia says, it's scary.

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6 Responses to "QotD: The News"

  1. I don't. For two reasons, of which one is pretty obvious.I don't own a TV. Watching the news becomes a practical impossibility, as you see.Since not owning a TV is a decision made because I don't want to be fed with whatever the producers of TV shows decide to feed me, I also want to be able to select what news I decide to be informed about. I find the web to be a brilliant way of dealing with this. I get the headlines, but do not have to read about all the depressing stuff - if I do not choose to.

  2. We watch the Today Show on NBC, which contains a few *bits* of news, so I suppose that might count. And occasionally we tune in to local evening newscasts to get some of the local stories the web might not have caught.

  3. No, I agree with earlier poster that the web is the best way to get news. If it's news that's unrelated to my interests but big enough that I should know it, someone will mention it at work or on a blog or something.

  4. I watch the news on Channel 1 every morning. I know Channel 1 isn't the best source of news but I'm too lazy to switch the TV to the antenna to watch local news and Little Bug controls our TV watching. I read the paper and listen to talk radio on my way to school and to pick up Little Bug.

    I think that not watching the news because it's depressing is stupid. Sorry! I'm sure that I'll make some of you mad but is reality. As an adult, I'm able to watch it and realize that my world is still okay. I know that lots of good things are happening in the world too. It's not always popular to report them. Now you might not agree with the presentation of the news. I choose not to watch CNN or those morning programs (the Today show) because I think that they are extremely left. Of course, Channel 1 is too but I'm almost forced to watch it. 🙂

  5. Carey:

    Interesting, I've never heard someone refer to the Today show as "left". Could you tell me what precisely makes them a "left" show, in your mind at least? I've always felt that it was a fairly innocuous bit of entertainment and quasi-news. But I guess my political sniffer isn't as sensitive as some folks'...

  6. Sometimes I might watch BBC news. TV news has angered me for 20-25 years now, as simply inaccurate and misrepresentative.

    I think Katie Couric has a terribly insincere and grating smile, but that doesn't make her an extremist ideologue, just a torturing presence.

    What about that McLaughlin Group?

    Heh, Firing Line would seem leftist compared to drek like Fox.