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QotD: Front Row

Question: Why isn't Apple's "Front Row" software available for previous Mac models?

My Answer: I don't know. It just uses Bluetooth, doesn't it? Why can't third-party apps plug in to it? What gives, Apple?

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9 Responses to "QotD: Front Row"

  1. Hmm, with the Universal Dock it looks more like it's infrared. I would guess that on the new iMac there is an IR detector in the built-in iSight (I know the iSight is sensitive to IR light as well). I wonder if one will be able to use the remote with an iSight instead of the dock. From reading it looks like if you get the remote all you can do is control your dockable iPod. Great. I agree, why not just put Front Row out there for everyone to use?

  2. Apparently the remote uses IR and it's the "iSight" that is the IR receiver. I guess the real question is: "Is the remote required to use Front Row?" It's pretty rediculous that they'd make it so you couldn't use the mouse. And I agree, a third party API would make Front Row actually usefull, but c'mon, this is Apple we're talking about here. 😉

  3. I was wondering about that. IR for that dock, but it could still have blue tooth. Regardless if it is the iSight how about those of us who already have an iSight, or this would push them over the edge to buy one?

  4. If i could buy an Apple Remote, bundled with some sort of IR receiver (if it's an iPod dock, all the better! even better if it's also a 12in1 memorycard reader!) INCLUDING frontrow software, for $50 for my old G4 (assuming a G4 450 with an ATI 8500, a gig of ram, and 280gigs of hard drive space would meet the minimum requirements)

    $50 to turn my old G4 into a media center (without DVR) with a wireless remote and a rad interface?'s already connected to a HD TV through DVI/HDMI what else would i need?

    I talked to an apple rep, and he put a note in saying that i'm interested in the software without the iMac. I have the feeling apple will eventually box it up and sell it, ideally with the receiver and remote.

    Outside of DVR capabilities, this would make a Mac mini a rad mediacenter (though it could use Component Video out like the imac, and maybe even an optical audio out. it would be worth it. ...just make an iMac without the screen.)

  5. They could use the iSight as an infrared receiver. I kind of doubt they did though. I'm just saying it's possible...

  6. Interesting, there is a product page in the Apple store for the new remote: for $29 (found via Daring Fireball).

    This page really indicates that the Front Row software will only come with new iMacs (and perhaps future products). Purchasing the remote allows you to control your ipod? Certainly, it doesn't state that the software is included in the box.

    This product page is very confusing, I wonder if it was supposed to be found?

  7. I wonder the same thing myself. I'm surprised they turned the iMac into the media center Mac, and that they: 1- didn't do it with the mini, and 2- didn't make it available for other Macs. I don't know about you, but REALLY would love this feature in my HT system, but I don't have room in my HT rack for an iMac (nor do I have the desire to make room for one), but I have plenty of room in there (and I'd make room in my budget) for a Mac mini.

    I'm hoping they're doing the same thing they do with other technologies: make them available on one system for a little while, then make it more generally available. Like the other commenter, I hope they one day sell a box set of remote, receiver, and Front Row software.

    I also expect Front Row may one day be part of iLife.

    It's kind of tangental, but I also expect PhotoBooth to be bundled with a future iSight model.

  8. I suppose one could try to hack Sailing Clicker into working via bluetooth, someone would have to hack into Front Row though.

    Cnet officially says, the remote is IR, and therefore it probably needs the universal dock. But could someone move Front Row into a Mac Mini?

    I don't think Apple wants this to push Mac Mini sales by making the mini more Media Centric, rather, they want people to buy a new iMac, mostly because they could arguably actually GROW the application there to include HD. Mac Mini just can't cut HD, as is, anyway.

    I am being reminded of the first efforts of sony to bring Betamax to the home market... they had two models... one had a built in TV.

  9. Sorry but the IR receiver on the built-in iSight iMac is behind the Apple logo in front of the machine, not on the iSight.

    There is not a USB IR receiver compatible with the nice Apple Remote for another Mac, like a PowerMac G4 or an eMac 1,42GHz SuperDrive? It could be nice...