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QotD: More Movies from Apple?

Question: Should Apple sell old commercials, old Steve-notes, old WWDC sessions, and so on via the iTunes, uhhh, "Media" Store?

My Answer: The idea comes from Mike Zornek, and frankly, I think they should. They could charge $0.99 if they wanted (so they weren't seen as "milking the faithful), or even less - it's their content, after all. I'm all for it.

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4 Responses to "QotD: More Movies from Apple?"

  1. how about selling videos of old WWDC sessions? That would actually be useful...

  2. ask me again when i'm employed.. right now i think that they might have a market though. 🙂

  3. I have a feeling they will continue to offer movie trailers Gratis... totally free, as not to upset those providing or downloading what is basically an Advertisement. (Insert argument about Music Video actuall being an advertisment here).

    They might be able to get away with charging for product announcements, keynotes and WWDC video, if the video is long enough or detailed enough-- as some sort of bandwidth surcharge (cheaper than a convention badge). And they are not losing Badge sales if it was from LAST years WWDC (or from that presentation you just couldn't make)

    As far as TV goes, I think they will stay in the sweetspot between typical pay per view costs and DVD collection costs (and it will not cannibalize box set sales, without the extra commentary, and the better resolution of the DVD).

    I suppose MPAA could argue that selling ONE episode is killing the box set sales. No, it is making a sale that otherwise would not be made. There is one episode of Seinfeld I have never seen, but I am not buying the sets (yet) just to see it. There is an episode of Star Trek Voyager I would like (yet not the entire season). And there is plenty of TV I want to see the episode I missed NOW, so I can keep watching the series unfold. It is not affecting my current viewing habits, or DVD buying habits, to have episodes made available.

    If the other Media companies don't do as Disney ABC are doing, it is their loss.

  4. I don't think Apple has the rights to sell old advertisements. There are all kinds of clearance issues with actors and musicians that would preclude re-purposing commericals this way.