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QotD: Video iPod

Question: Are you getting a video iPod?

My Answer: Yeah, eventually. Not because I particularly care about the video stuff (though putting some videos on for Little One will be nice, especially as I can roll my own from the TiVo if I dare to bother), but because mine is getting older. It's a 30 GB from when 30 GB was huge.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Video iPod"

  1. I'm already awaiting a delivery from Apple with a white 60 GB. 😀

  2. I'm not replacing my 12" PowerBook anytime soon, so I need a FireWire iPod. Luky I just bought a 60 GB Colour iPod. I like its remote control too.

    My use of the video capabilities would be for movie trailers, funny commercials and music videos, so I can replace saying "Have you seen the trailer for _" with "Watch this trailer." Videos would help me fill the iPod too.

  3. Local Apple dealer sold out of the remotes, which means the remotes must be able to work on the ipod base by itself, without needing Front Row (otherwise, why buy a remote without buying a cyclops g5 imac?)

    What I'm wondering is, can you remote control the ipod, from its base, when it is merely attached to a TV, AND show the usual ipod interface on the TV?

    (earlier photo iPods could have worked similarly as far as I know)

    I'm in the same state as Erik, I have a 3g 40 gig. I wish this gen had an 80 gig model tho.