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QotD: Aperture

Question: Are you going to buy Aperture?

My Answer: I think I may. Of course, I'll have to hear more about it than this before I make any decisions:

12:24pm - Apple's also introducing a new post-production tool for photographers today. It's called Aperture. The idea is to make shooting in RAW as easy as shooting in JPEG.

Sounds nice. I would have settled for a quicker, easier, more powerful iPhoto. 🙂

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4 Responses to "QotD: Aperture"

  1. The trouble with a more powerful iPhoto is that it would soon become too much for consumer users, who are it's target market. If you look at the Aperture Quicktime demos on it's extremely impressive and clearly designed for experienced users who work with a lot of Photos day in, day out. iPhoto rocks because it's made for everyone. If you're a Pro, you need a Pro tool. If you're not, you need a consumer tool. Both can exist happily as they serve different markets.

  2. Okay, Eric, then where is my pro-level digital images management tool? Cuz Aperture may be a great editing tool, a great workflow tool, but where do I store the images? Back in iPhoto? Probably not…

  3. As an amateur photog, it looks like it absolutely kicks ass over my current (windows) solution of a elements for management and photoshop. As soon as I have a mac I'll be getting this.

    Even some of the stuff like re-arranging order of images on pages/books looks awesome.

    Dammit, this could be an expensive year 🙁

  4. It looks like a pretty decent app for photos, but I would need to buy a new Mac to be able to use it. I don't think my iBook G3 will run it too well. 😉