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Got Skype

So, I've downloaded and installed Skype. If anyone (that I know) has it and would like to know what my username is, well, just ask. It's not "iacas" as they wouldn't let me use only five letters. 🙁

I'll use either Skype or iChat AV for the whole podcasting thing. Guess I'll want to pick up Audio Hijack Pro at some point too…

2 Responses to "Got Skype"

  1. I'm actually sitting here talking to a friend of mine over Skype right now. We use it to communicate while working together, and it's a lot better than having to type in iChat/MSN every now and then, or using a regular phone. Handsfree talking with great audio quality.

    It feels more like sitting in the same room as the other person, like if we have our backs against each other (and can't see each other).

  2. Skype just keeps getting better and better. I'm actually using SkypeIn/SkypeOut as my primary business line (I do network support). It's great having a phone number that rings whether I'm on my desktop at home or my laptop at Starbucks.

    Audio Hijack Pro is one of my "must have apps", not so much for the "record what you're hearing" functionality, but for the ability to insert AudioUnits and other plugins into the audio path of an application. I do things like throw a compressor on iTunes to even out the volume of my tracks (without requiring SoundCheck) and a pre-amp on QuickTime to raise the volume of certain movies without having to turn up the master system volume (and end up scared out of my wits when someone IM's me).