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Steelers 27, Bengals 6

steelershelmet.jpgThe Steelers defeated the Bengals 27-13 (I put 27-6 in the title because the only reason the Bengals scored that last TD was because the Steelers gave it to them out of pity and "prevent"). I was in North Carolina last week for the Steeler's loss to the Jags, but suffice to say, Maddox is (was) crap.

Aside from a lame pick when a receiver ran a bad route and a meaningless turnover by Verron Haynes, the Steelers ebbed the tide of Bengals takeaways, taking two away themselves on INTs from Carson Palmer, who managed less than a 54 QB rating. Ben, 9 of 14 for 93 yards but two scores, managed the game well, and at one point the Steelers ran 15 or 16 consecutive times, failing to pass whatsoever in the fourth quarter.

This win also marked the coming out party of the Steelers tight end Heath Miller, who led the team with six catches, a TD, and 58 yards. A still-injured Ward placed second with three catches for 35 yards, and that was all for the passing game. It's great to see a Steeler tight end actually being used, particularly when they're drafted for that purpose.

Our running game was not shut down and the Steelers played Steeler football, with Parker picking up 131 yards and a score on 18 attempts (7.3), Bettis chipping in for 56 yards on 13 attempts (4.3), and Haynes for 35 yards on 11 attempts (3.2) plus the fumble.

Chad Johnson, Mr. Over-Cocky himself, dropped some three or four passes and couldn't manage to stay in bounds on the Bengals' first drive inside the Steeler 20. No doubt he'll check a "No" in the "Defended Me" list he keeps, but half of his 94 yards came in junk time and on one catch. Limiting him to 47 yards of real yardage rates as a "yes" in my book.

How about those Chargers? Do they find more ways to lose games than anyone else or what? A blocked field goal attempt and then a fumble as the drive down inside of two minutes? Gimme a break. But hey, whatever: Schottenheimer may be the only coach in the league worse than Bill Cowher.