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PCalc 3

PCalc 3, the best calculator, like, EVAR, is now available. Many don't know that James worked on one of the first versions of the Mac OS X Dock before returning to one of his other products, DragThing. I used to use DragThing, but I haven't since Mac OS X rolled into town (and particularly since I discovered LaunchBar), but PCalc is a staple. With the new dashboard widget, why, I can use PCalc at the press of a key.

And yes, the answer is 42.

2 Responses to "PCalc 3"

  1. Cool. Thanks for the link - I have been looking for a replacement calculator. I have long used X48 because I am an RPN fan, and I have an HP48 at work and an HP28 at home, but PCalc looks like it's more what I need/want.

    Unfortunately my primary machine is only capable of running PCalc 2 - my laptop still runs Panther.

  2. I used to use LaunchBar 3 and then discovered QuickSilver, haven't looked back.