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QotD: Infomercials

Question: Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial?

My Answer: Nope.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Infomercials"

  1. Why do you often answer QotD's that prompt such an uninteresting answer? Just wondering.

  2. I'm assuming you meant to say why do I ask QotDs… and the answer to that is that I have no idea what responses I may get. Sometimes the dumb posts get the most responses and the posts that have a lot of thought are largely ignored. Perhaps someone bought something from an infomercial that they think is great and they'd have a funny story about it.

    You never know. You also didn't answer the question.

  3. I never have but I have a friend who is a compulsive TV shopper. She bought an air purifyer among other things. My favorite all time TV buys that I never bought are:
    *Ginsu Knives
    *Bamboo Steamer
    *Parachute Luggage

  4. I have given and received via infomercial (this is more likely to happen the older your relatives become). I don't make a habit of it, but some times, in the hypnosis of insomnia and endless channel surfing of a dearth of actual content on TV, infomercials will hook you, and you must have it. I like it better when they actually make it to a Walmart or something tho, and I can SEE the crap I'm buying. Or at least, its box.

    A pasta pot with a built in colander lid seems natural, and hard to mess up, but the flaw on that one is, the locking lid. Metals expand and contract as they are heated and cooled, and really, despite the safety reasons they give, you do not want a lid that locks on with a twist for such.

    You know what? That original mouse trap? Not too shabby.

  5. No. The infomercial products are so overpriced, especially when you include the shipping and handling.