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While requesting my (lost) license for Trans Lucy so that I could watch Lords of Dogtown today, I saw that CE Software is now called "Startly Technologies" (eh?) and that they had a product called "Docktopus" that could basically put useful little badges on your dock icons.

I was very interested in two of the items, the CPU meter and the Memory usage. The rest are either useless or simply don't work with the software I use ("Mail Peek" works only with Mail).

I gave it a try and the CPU meter worked nicely, but the Memory module was so small that I couldn't read the numbers. I wonder if a later version couldn't do something like change the application name from "Safari" (for example) to "Safari (412 MB)" or something like that.

Docktopus, like many utilities like this, has a lot of potential but really isn't up to snuff.

2 Responses to "Docktopus"

  1. You might be interested in MemoryCell:

    It will give you the memory of whatever application you have focus on in you menubar and gives you quick access to Activity Monitor as a menu item.

  2. Is this any better than a dashboard widget, if you keep your dock hidden?