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LaunchBar iTMS Search Template

Today I attempted to use the Apple iTMS Link Maker to make a search template for LaunchBar and the iTunes Music Store, but that didn't go anywhere. Then I remembered that I had blogged about itms:// links. That post contained the information I needed. So, here for those who care is a LaunchBar template for searching the iTunes Music Store:*

I've called it "iTunes Music Store" in LaunchBar's search templates and I can access it by typing "itms" (though I had to train LaunchBar - IMDB came up the first two times I tried it).

7 Responses to "LaunchBar iTMS Search Template"

  1. Hmmm. I went to add the template to LaunchBar's search templates, and it was already there! There's also one for album, artist, composer, and song.

  2. I wonder if because I've been using LaunchBar for so long it's not updated some things... I have (italics are the ones I've added):

    AltaVista Images
    AltaVista MP3/Audio
    AltaVista Web
    Apple Developer Connection
    Ask Jeeves
    Google Exact Phrase
    Google Groups
    Google Images
    Internet Movie Database
    iTunes Music Store
    LEO English-German Dictionary
    PHP Documentation
    The Sand Trap
    The Sand Trap Images

    Version Tracker
    Yahoo Stock Quotes
    Yahoo! Images

  3. This is strange. I went to use it again and it wasn't there. I can't find it again!

  4. Okay, I've got it now. I selected New>Search Templates>Search Templates (UTF-8). That's where it was! This time I'll save the new configuration before I close it.

  5. It's late and I'm tired, so forgive me if I'm wrong...

    I believe LB4 treats iTunes as a built in search template. Bring up iTunes in LB (for me, it's IT), hit the space bar, and enter my search term. Instant iTunes search.

  6. Erik, Thanks so much for this template! I've been wondering how to re-implement this since they removed the template in the last release or so...

    Oh. Eric Blair, yes, you're correct, Erik's addition is superfluous as LaunchBar treats iTunes (at least my install of iTunes 6.0.1) as a search template. Works like a charm. Thanks anyway, Erik!

  7. Yeah Eric, you're right. D'oh!!! 😛