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iTunes Could Use CoreVideo

The iTunes Music store employs a lovely little reflection on its videos in preview mode, but the video loses the reflectivity when playing:

Music Store Reflection

What a great opportunity to use CoreVideo! I mean, c'mon Apple, put some effort into it! The videos in the store would look so much better with that lovely little reflection.

3 Responses to "iTunes Could Use CoreVideo"

  1. Probably Apple did not do it because iTunes is cross-platform nowadays. So I guess the rendering engine for the store content does not use OS X-specific technologies.

  2. iTunes looks more Windows-like now with the freakish corners and odd user interface features. Adding something too Mac-like would ruin the expectations of Windows users who want the generic and crappy uniform look for their OS of "choice." 😉

  3. Also, it'd run quite slowly on older Macs.