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QotD: Bought any iTunes Videos Yet?

Question: Have you bought any iTunes videos yet?

My Answer: I have not. I was tempted to grab the Pixar shorts, but I don't really want to look at my iPod to see them. I don't have any commutes, so the TV shows don't interest me (and I only watch one of them regularly anyway). The music videos may hold the most appeal, but I'm curious as to the audio quality of music videos.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Bought any iTunes Videos Yet?"

  1. Nope. Not until they offer Battlestar Galactica or Aquateen Hungerforce for download.

  2. I got Coldplay's 'Fix You' merely to answer the same questions you're asking. All Quicktime will say about the video is "AAC (protected), Stereo, 44.100 kHz AVC0 Media, 320 x 176, Millions"... How useful!

  3. I think Comedy Central could offer individual bits of the Daily Show, like that girl who chops it up daily (nice small segments of 3 to five minutes) but apparently they have plans for basing a web community off of the concept.

    Adult Swim could do likewise, certainly. The fear is cannibalizing DVD sales. For daily content like the Daily Show, or a Letterman or Leno monolog or guest interview, who is going to bother packaging content that is produced DAILY. This is where I think ITMS video could really take off.

    BTW, Erik, I am concerned by your itch to watch these in your Toureg. While you are driving?

  4. I downloaded an episode of "Lost" just to see how the process would go. The video wasn't as high a quality as I would have liked, but it looks more than passable on the tv, and the prices are reasonable, per episode. However, like Derek, I'm not buying any more until there's content I want, namely BSG or ATHF.