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QotD: No Steve Jobs

Question: If Steve Jobs had died of pancreatic cancer six months ago, where would Apple be now? In a year?

My Answer: I think we'd they'd be at about the same place now, though with far less optimism. The products and plans Apple had six months ago probably dictated that we'd still be at about the same place now so short into the future. However, in a year, I foresee a lot of problems. I foresee Apple returning, even just slightly, to the days of having non-simplistic product lines. I foresee a decline in the quality of software and the "feel" of every Apple product. Like it or not, Apple is a reflection of Steve Jobs' taste. With those taste buds lying six feet under, well, who would make the decisions? Tim Cook?

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5 Responses to "QotD: No Steve Jobs"

  1. it's a sad and scary thought.

  2. The thing that is so upsetting to me is the inevitability of it. I am pretty young, and I am guessing that Jobs is going to kick the can long before I do. Why, why, why?

  3. How many times have I thought the same thing. Steve Jobs "gets it," and, amazingly, nobody else seems to. (I used to just shake my head evertime I saw a company try to copy the iMac's success by colorizing their product line.) When Steve's out of the picture, maybe our best hope is for a promotion of Jonathan Ives.

  4. Yeah, I have these horrible, horrible thoughts too. I think it would totally take the wind out of Apple's sails. I don't think we have to worry about this for a good 15-20 years, but man...that would SUCK.

  5. Awesome QotD. 🙂