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To My Wife On Her Birthday

Oh, how I love the older woman. Just the one, actually, my wife.

Sometimes, I still cannot quite believe that I married HER. That girl. I have to pinch myself (or at least turn on the heated seat in my car) to make sure I'm not dreaming. I really am married to Carey.

Carey's not perfect, but she's perfect for me and in her imperfections I find her humanity and several of the countless reasons I love her. I don't love Carey as I did in high school, and I may even love her in spite of high school ;-). They say love is blind, but I say Carey is not perfect because, despite and in many ways because of her faults, I love her, eyes wide open. This isn't a love that will fade or falter.

Carey is the most brilliant mother to our daughter that I could ask for, and the person with whom I've shared the deepest connection. Our personalities are so alike at times that it's scary, but different enough to keep things interesting.

Baby, I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time, but I'm not afraid of the way I love you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

2 Responses to "To My Wife On Her Birthday"

  1. Thank you. What a nice gift!

  2. That was beautiful!
    Happy birthday