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QotD: Missing 3rd Party Software on OS X?

Question: What third-party software you still miss from Mac OS 7, 8, or 9?

My Answer: You know what I really wish I had? Gravité! Dang that was an awesome control panel. If someone were to write it for Mac OS X, why, I'd give them a hundred bucks (so long as they gave me a license, that is).

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6 Responses to "QotD: Missing 3rd Party Software on OS X?"

  1. That was my favorite hack for classic Mac OS .. damn that thing was cool.

    hmm. I'll have to investigate how AppKit handles dragging.. (does it call into Carbon to handle the dragging, or not?) if AppKit does it, it might not be all that hard to do it for Cocoa apps. if it uses Carbon to do it, then I'd have no idea where to start.. 🙁

  2. LogicWorks 4. LogicWorks 5 came out and it looks like they completely dropped Mac support. Which is really too bad as it was a very nice circuit design tool.

    It looks like they ported DesignWorks to Mac OS X but the professional version is a bit pricey at $395. It doesn't look like the DesignWorks lite version was ported to Mac OS X.

  3. OMG. I loved that control panel. My mom freaked out when she started 'dropping' her icons and they would break. To make it for OS X would be quite hard. Every year they have a hacking competition, machack, where they do things similar to this though. One of the recent ones modified all the scroll bar resources so that when a scrollbar went over 100%, it would burst and water would spill out!

  4. I still haven't gotten OS X native versions of some Major apps, as I would prefer they be as Cocoa as possible (and with the age of their code base, that probably just ain't happening).

    But the oldest thing I dug up recently (downloaded) was 1000 Miles, a version of the card game (once marketed by Milton Bradley) as Mille Bornes, pardon my French. It appears to have been written in Hypercard. I also occasionally think about Cliff Johnsons games (The Fools Errand, 3 in Three, etc). I'd love Spectrum Holobytes Tetris if only for the Russian folk music. And my favorite Solitaire, Eric's Solitaire by Delta Tao, seems to be in perpetual renew by the month beta (and I miss the midi files associated with the pay version of that).

  5. hahaha that's exactly what i was thinking!

  6. It's been, what, six years and we still don't have a version of Gravité for Mac OS X? And yeah, I just wrote about it last October, but for some reason it just popped into my head again....