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Creating Music for My Podcast

Aaron pointed me towards the podsafe music network, but I figure there are other options, too. One is all that royalty-free music Apple had posted a long time ago to .Mac (I should still have those files somewhere, but I've gotta look for them, as they no longer seem to be on .Mac). The final option is to create some music on my own with GarageBand. I'll give that a go this week too…

5 Responses to "Creating Music for My Podcast"

  1. Hey, Erik; all those royalty-free tracks were from Enjoy.

  2. I prefer the music at to the music at

  3. If/when I can afford it, I am going to have Podcast Themes or some other professional audio guy make intro/outro and bumper music.

    I am somewhat hesitant with Podcast Themes because everything sounds the same to me, so if anyone has any better recommendations I am all ears.

  4. Justin,

    My name is Mark Blasco, I'm the guy behind A lot of the themes on my site sound similar because of a few factors. It is a style of music that I like, and that format works well for themes. A lot of those themes were also done for free, and when I do free themes I usually stick to a little bit of a formula because it speeds up the process. I do compose in other styles, and currently I am working on themes in jazz, folk, and orchestral styles, which I can't release until they are final. I never take money for a project unless the client is completely happy with how it turned out.

    Even though some of the themes sound similar, when someone is listening to your podcast, all they will hear is the theme you are using, so as long as you feel it fits your show, nothing else matters. Despite that, I do work with each person individually to make sure that you are happy with what you get. I would much rather not make any money than give someone a product they are not happy with.

    Please do not hesitate to send me any questions you may have. I am always open to working on any style of music, even if it is radically different than what is on my site currently.

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