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First (Sand Trap) Podcast Now Up

Today I published that Podcast I've been talking about. I've also submitted it to iTunes - I wonder how long it will take until it appears? If anyone at Apple wants to push it through quickly, by all means, go ahead… 😉

Before next week's Podcast, I'm going to round up a bunch of sound effects. This first episode was more a trial run than anything, and it went along fairly smoothly. If anyone is interested in writing a short theme song, I'm sure we can work out a deal. I've also got a microphone coming - the Samson C01-U.

One Response to "First (Sand Trap) Podcast Now Up"

  1. Erik,

    That Samson mic is very nice. But make sure you get(or make) a pop filter to use in front of it. Since it is a condenser mic, it is really sensitive to moisture and could stop working for a bit until it fully dries out.