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Ecto Update? Problems with Publishing Status

Ever since moving to MovableType 3.2 on both this blog and The Sand Trap, ecto has failed to work properly when setting the Publish/Draft setting.

Ecto seems to preserve what's set on the server most of the time, and when a new entry is created in ecto, it's marked as published. Even if the mode is set to "Draft," it's published. What's funny is that the entry may not be immediately published, but it is marked as published in MT's Web interface and the next time someone posts a comment, a TrackBack, a new post to the home page, or anything that requires the post to be re-built, it will be built and published.

There are a few permutations, but basically, things are behaving normally and ecto hasn't been updated beyond version 2.3.9 since September 6.

P.S. I've long since given up on scheduling entries via ecto. IIRC, SixApart didn't open the third-party API to allow users to set a "Scheduled" status.

3 Responses to "Ecto Update? Problems with Publishing Status"

  1. Try and add this to your mt-config.cgi:

    NoPublishMeansDraft 1

    It used to be an optional setting in previous versions of Movable Type, with the following comment:

    In 2.1 we changed the behavior of the $publish flag. Previously, it was used to determine the post status. That was a bad idea. So now entries added through XML-RPC are always set to publish, *unless* the user has set "NoPublishMeansDraft 1" in mt.cfg, which enables the old behavior.

    I had to enable it in MT 3 to be able to post entries as drafts in ecto and I had to add it back after upgrading to MT 3.2.

  2. I'll give that a try. I've never needed it previously, and I did start with MovableType 2.1.something. Hmm…, thanks. We'll see how it goes.

  3. The current development version of ecto is dated Oct 10, according to their site. I still like ecto better than some of the other blog editors out there. Thanks for the NoPublishMeansDraft pointer, Olivier!