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Saft and Software Updates

Here's a loud, loud vote in favor of Saft adding an "unsupported" mode - and the option to invoke it following a software update that bumps Safari.

I'm tired of waiting up to 24 hours just to get a new version of Saft that more than likely does nothing new but support a slightly newer Safari. Why can't the Saft author have one ready to go? Does he get Safari seeds? If he doesn't, can't he get in with some Safari types like Hyatt to get the darn seeds? Cuz really, as Tom Petty says, "the waiting is the hardest part." It's also the most ridiculous.

7 Responses to "Saft and Software Updates"

  1. Actually early versions os SAFT had a "Try anyway"-mode. I can't remember that it ever worked with a new safari version. Most of the time it broke several things, in a bad way. I guess that's why there's no such option in SAFT anymore.

  2. That annoys me as well. I paid for Saft mainly so I could enjoy the tab saving upon exit and the "crash protection". I have to say that combined with Safari's gaping memory holes that NNW almost satisfies me more by providing similar features and not using all the memory in my machine.

    Oh and don't forget the PITA that is downloading a new version where you have to hunt and search for the transaction ID number in order to download the latest version. blah.

  3. Quick, somebody call a wahmbulance!

    Seems like you could wait a day and install the update when the updated version of Saft is out. Then you don't have to live a day without Saft!

  4. I have to say, one of the parts of upgrading Safari is the involuntary "wuff" that sounds when I inhale as I realise none of my tabs are going to be coming back. Luckily, they reappear (or have so far) when he revs Saft, which he does very quickly.

    I don't know what I'd do if he went on a two week vacation, and they revd Safari on day one. Probably switch to Firefox for the time being. ;>

  5. It's the next day and he's yet to update Saft. /me twiddles thumbs - maybe he could add a feature that writes the URLs to a plain text file somewhere so that in these situations we could at least get our URLs back.

  6. As 10.4.3 got released really late monday (I saw it after 11PM) european time, I guess Hao Li had already gone to sleep or just thought "Heck, I'll need some sleep before digging into what I need to change". I waited to install the update until today (the 1st) and by that time Saft had also been updated.

  7. Dammit. You'd think I'd learn. Saft and Security Updates don't go well together. Duh!!! Here's to hoping this SAFT update doesn't quite take 12 hours as the last one did. Here's also to hoping that I have a tiny bit...