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VaderPod Lands

VaderpodI suppose it's fitting that the day Star Wars III comes out, I get my black iPod. I'm not the largest (or even the "mediumest") SW fan out there, not by a long stretch, but I've christened the new 60 GB black video iPod "VaderPod." Seeing the animation as it synchronized the first time, I was also moved to rename my iPod Shuffle.

4 Responses to "VaderPod Lands"

  1. Arise, Lord Vader!

    How about a free spooky Halloween-season download for the black number?

    I confess, the movie is dated and bored me a bit ... still, bits are good.

    I guess you'll already have caught Mark Pilgrim on "HOWTO Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Using Free Software". In case not:

  2. NERD!

    OK, actually, I'm just jealous. All I have are a lame 1G iPod, and a 40 GB white one, and, well, damnit, I need a vaderpod. For realz.

  3. My first day as a video iPod owner and I've got problems. I've spent about as much time investigating them as I can, and I've solved a few. Here, then, are the unresolved issues: Problem One: Why Not? For whatever...

  4. 'vaderpod', I have to admit, I did the same thing! : )

    I'm not a huge fan either, but hey, I grew up with it, and that sexy little black thing is just so 'vader' }:)