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Freeplay Music for the Podcast

I found all the Freeplay music on my hard drive (once someone reminded me what it was called), and man is it going to be hard to choose the appropriate sounds for the different show segments! There are so many good choices. 1.77 GB of choices!

Of course, the Finder didn't help me out very much. I wanted to display all of the full-length songs (those that didn't include "10" or "30" but I can't show things that don't include things in the name. How dumb (picture is below the fold).

Update: Duh, I probably can't use Freeplay music because the podcast could be seen as a commercial endeavor. Hrm.

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One Response to "Freeplay Music for the Podcast"

  1. Actually, Freeplay's rates aren't bad:

    Podcasting and Blogs:$25.00 per Freeplay Music title for 12 months.