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Official VW/iPod Adapter Delayed

As I posted in a Touareg forum, the guy I bought my Touareg from had this to say:

I am on the phone with the parts dept now. I will not have the adapters here until late December because of the insanely high demand for the parts right now. Basically, the demand is several times the supply right now. You may try other parts depts in your area, but I won't get them for several more weeks.

I've been bugging him about the adapter since it was announced, and I was the first to do so. I'm at the top of the waiting list, numero uno, and I'm waiting now until November. For something that was announced at the beginning of September, this is pretty absurd.

I'm hoping, too, though it can't be confirmed or denied yet, that the "official" adapter provides support for playlists or at least displaying ID3 tags on the damn radio, seeing as how it's meant to keep the iPod in the glove box.

One Response to "Official VW/iPod Adapter Delayed"

  1. Yesterday I took the Touareg in for its 5K oil change. I also had the fire blanket installed under the hood (it should have been there all along). I've been waiting for the iPod adapter since August or so, and...