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Big Cocoa Project

Over the next few months, I'll have a large Cocoa project with which I'll need some help. In fact, I may need someone to do a good bit of the work.

This is a paying gig - $25 to $30k for six months of work (that's padded from what it should take - about four). If you know me, and if I'm at least reasonably aware of who you are, send me an IM. Info is in the sidebar.

Knowledge of CoreData, WebKit (minimal), and application-Web server communication (method not yet decided, possibly POST, maybe a bit XML-RPC) required.

One Response to "Big Cocoa Project"

  1. Those who IMed regarding that "Big Cocoa Project" mentioned earlier this month should IM me again today. The person I chose to do it has yet to complete the first stage (just a few mockups), and if I do no...